Boat Titles

There is no better way to spend your vacation and holidays than cruising around on the open water. Boats and other watercraft provide many recreational possibilities that you and your family can enjoy. From water skiing, to catching a fish that will grant a lucky resident of Oakbrook bragging rights for years on end or just simply taking a leisurely spin to get a fresh breeze on a crystal clear lake, boating is the way to truly enjoy nature and the great outdoors.


We at Automotive Title Service Inc. don't want people to waste any of their valuable free time on their way to the lake or the beach. In fact we offer the same quality service for boats as we do for automobiles.


When those in Oakbrook are looking for assistance in replacing lost titles, duplicate titles, redemptions, corrections, transfers, title salvaging and lien perfections for their watercraft, they turn to Automotive Title Service Inc.


All that Automotive Title Service Inc. requires to get you working on your sea legs is about 125$ and two weeks. Like automobile servicing, we cover all aspects of registration and title servicing. Would you rather be spending your time dealing with bureaucracy, or shopping for a new swimsuit and some sun tan lotion? Everyone in Oakbrook knows the answer to that question, which is why Automotive Title Service Inc is here for you.

When to Call a Pro

If you have a need for assistance with any of the following projects, contact us as soon as you can:

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